Institut Guttmann, international reference center in neurorehabilitation.

Years of experience back us up. La Fundación Institut Guttmann was founded in 1965, initially treating people with spinal cord injury. Years later, it became an international reference center for care and knowledge in the field of neurosciences in general, and neurorehabilitation in particular, caring for nearly 5,000 patients affected by severe neurological pathology every year.

Our team of professionals and experts works every day with a clear and fixed idea in mind: To provide the best comprehensive rehabilitation to people with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disability of neurological origin. Always relying on the latest technology, the most recent medical innovations and ongoing clinical research, while promoting at all times the active participation of the patient and his or her family in the neurorehabilitation process.

The Institut Guttmann is proud of its great team of professionals who, in addition to their high competence, have great human qualities, characterized by a respectful and close treatment to the patient. The Institut Guttmann’s care model is based on interdisciplinary teams that, under the coordination of the rehabilitation physician, are responsible for the integral treatment of the patient throughout his or her stay at the hospital.

Translational research model, a pillar for the Institut Guttmann

Aware of the importance of time, the Institut Guttmann bases its methodology on the Translational Research model whose objective is to transfer as quickly as possible the results of basic research to clinical practice in order to develop sustainable solutions to the different health problems we encounter.

With this model, clinical research and fundamental research go hand in hand, forming a perfect symbiosis thanks to which innovation is immediately transferred to clinical practice.

Institut Guttmann, a national and international benchmark

The synergy between the Center of Excellence and the Center of Knowledge results in the permanent improvement of the quality of care of our services. Institut Guttmann is continuously committed to the promotion of techniques and experiences that favor the health and quality of life of people affected by a neurological disability. Therefore, it is a National Reference Center -CSUR- in Spain for the treatment of complex spinal cord injury, by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. And it has the prestigious Joint Commission Internationalaccreditation, which certifies that the Institut Guttmann meets international standards of quality of health care and management.


Of the different initiatives or services offered to the people we serve, we highlight the following:

Technologies for sensorimotor rehabilitation and support products.

We promote technological innovation as a tool to improve the functional autonomy of patients with neurological problems. Thanks to neurotechnology in rehabilitation, or neurorehabilitation technologies, it has been possible to interact with the central nervous system in a previously unknown way, in addition to knowing, in more detail, the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying neurological injuries.

Neurorepair and advanced therapies.

We are a reference, both nationally and internationally, for the clinical phases of translational research in clinical trials, advanced therapies and regenerative medicine applied to spinal cord injury (SCI) and acquired brain injury (ABI). We promote the development of clinical trials in neuroregenerational crises by developing multimodal neuromodulation strategies combined with intensive robot-assisted training.

Neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.

Thanks to the Guttmann NeuroPersonal Trainer®(GNPT®) platform, we work with new computerized assessment programs for cognitive functions, as well as in the field of prevention and active and healthy aging.

Brain health.

Through the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI) we do research on brain health with the main objective of favoring the improvement of life habits related to brain health (physical exercise, diet, cognitive training, sleep, socialization and having a motivating life project). Habits that will help the person to delay the onset of changes associated with aging, minimize the symptoms of neurological diseases and optimize brain capacity.

Neurostimulation and Neuromodulation.

We promote non-invasive techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electrical brain stimulation, which allow us to modulate some of these neural changes in a safe and painless way, and can be combined with other techniques to increase their effectiveness.

Empowerment and independent living

The Institut Guttmann is committed to advancing the rehabilitation model for people who have suffered sequelae resulting from a neurological injury, making effective the empowerment of the patient and/or family, and focusing the activities, whenever possible, in the community environment with the aim of achieving a full and faster social and family reintegration from the moment of discharge. In short, we work to promote independent living and the maximum autonomy of the person.

What makes the Institut Guttmann special?

The Institut Guttmann stands out for the effectiveness of its treatments, backed by the results of the care process. One of the main commitments of our team of professionals is to certify the therapeutic value of clinical procedures through scientific evidence. For this reason, all care processes are protocolized, patients and their evolution are monitored, and the results achieved are evaluated. At the end of the therapeutic intervention, an average of 95% of the objectives set at the time of admission by the rehabilitation team are achieved.
This is possible because the Institut Guttmann is a hospital dedicated exclusively to the medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people with severe neurological pathology. The concentration of similar cases, in turn, favors not only the concentration of knowledge and expertise of its professionals, but also the experiential exchange. Compartir experiencias con pacientes más veteranos y con otras familias es siempre de gran ayuda y confort.
Sharing experiences with older patients and other families is always of great help and comfort. This, together with the great team of professionals from different disciplines of high competence and great human quality, and having modern and comfortable facilities, along with the permanent incorporation of the most advanced technologies for the development of specialized clinical activity, make it one of the most modern neurorehabilitation hospitals in the world.

International Patient

The Institut Guttmann is a private foundation committed to the people to whom it provides personalized medical-surgical care and highly specialized in the field of neurorehabilitation and brain health. For this reason, it has an International Patient area, in order to facilitate all the procedures and guarantee a pleasant stay for patients and families who come from other countries for treatment.

Our goal is to ensure that our patients can achieve the highest possible degree of personal autonomy that allows them to develop an independent, active, normalized life, integrated into society and with their own lifestyle.

Barcelona Guttmann Life

The Institut Guttmann has additional services for the international patient, among which the following stand out:

Guttmann Barcelona Life Apartments

Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility consisting of a set of fully adapted and domotized apartments with a wide range of complementary services tailored to each user.
The apartments share the building with the Guttmann Barcelona Clinic – Institute of Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation, so it is possible to combine the stay with a specialized neurorehabilitation treatment.

Advanced Prosthetics and Neurorehabilitation

The advanced prosthetics and neurorehabilitation clinic, located in the Guttmann Barcelona building, offers a prosthetic program and comprehensive support to the person throughout the process, from the moment the decision is made to the final fitting of the prosthesis, including preparation, provisional prosthesis, pre/post rehabilitation, fitting of the definitive prosthesis and follow-up of possible complications.

Active Life Program

The Active Life program is an innovative proposal that goes a step beyond the traditional vision of hospital rehabilitation. The objective is to help the person regain maximum functional autonomy, as well as the ability to decide and self-manage his or her own lifestyle in an active and participatory manner.

Accompaniment for the return home and follow-up with the physician

Before discharge from the hospital, together with the family and the therapeutic team, preparations are made for the patient’s return home.
The doctor in charge informs about the therapeutic plan to be followed upon arrival at home and other recommendations on the prevention of complications, technical aids and adaptations, among others. A report is given with an explanation of the pathology and its evolution, and the necessary electronic prescriptions for medication.
Also, as an intermediate step before returning home, the patient can access the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments for independent living, where training and improvement of functionality can continue at the Institute of Brain Healthand Neurorehabilitation, located in the same building, Guttmann Barcelona.
En caso necesario, desde el Área de Paciente Internacional ayudamos a gestionar la vuelta a casa de manera eficiente y eficaz.

If you want more information about what we do, please contact us.

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