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Barcelona has long been one of Europe’s tourist destinations par excellence. And now it is also a medical and healthcare destination, thanks to the quality of its services.


The Catalan capital is a benchmark in the field of hospital and medical excellence. This is demonstrated by its more than fifty hospitals, both public and private. And also the more than 20,000 patients from all over the world who, every year, come for treatment in Barcelona’s clinics.

Moreover, according to the Nature Index 2020 Science Cities, Barcelona and its metropolitan area are ranked 40th in the world out of a total of 200 cities that stand out for their level of research. And, as shown in the BioRegion 2020 Report, Barcelona is the fifth European city in terms of investment in ‘digital health’.

Barcelona is the city with the second highest number of specialists and centres of reference in both public and private hospitals, as published in 2019 by Forbes magazine in its list of the 100 best doctors in Spain, which includes more than 20 specialities. In Barcelona we have world leaders in oncology, transplants, foetal medicine, minimally invasive surgery and highly complex surgeries in all age groups, etc. Doctors such as Eduard Gratacós, Josep Brugada, Antonio de Lacy, Ramón Cugat, Josep Tabernero, Jaume Mora, Susana Rives, José Hinojosa, Antonio Alcaraz and Humberto Villavicencio are just some of the international authorities in these disciplines practising in the Catalan capital.

In the field of telecommunications, Barcelona is a pioneer in the development of 5G technology, having been the capital of the Mobile World Congress since 2006. This has favoured the health and medical sector with the birth of new healthcare start-ups. Their proliferation and consolidation are turning the city of Barcelona into a hub of excellence in emerging therapies and personalised medicine.

Likewise, Barcelona is currently a nerve centre for precision medicine thanks to the support of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and its MareNostrum supercomputer, the most powerful in Spain.

Catalonia, a biomedical hub and a benchmark in clinical trials

Catalonia is a great tourist, architectural, cultural and also medical enclave. According to UNEIX and WHO data collected in 2019 by Biocat, the Catalan life and health sciences sector organisation, Catalonia is among the top 10 countries in Europe in terms of participation in clinical trials and among the top 20 in the world. With regard to the speciality of oncology, Catalonia is in the top 5 in Europe and in the top 10 worldwide.

Moreover, both the WHO and other rankings by independent experts recognise the Catalan Health System as one of the best in the world.

Barcelona is developing substantial advances in precision medicine thanks to the research carried out with the support of the Super Computing Center based on artificial intelligence that allows the development of this advanced equipment whose emblem is the Mare Nostrum supercomputer.

For all these reasons, and as a result of the great support of the health sciences industry, both Barcelona and Catalonia are an incubator of biomedical innovation at national and international level. It is worth highlighting the role played in this sector by the company Grifols, which over time has become one of the world’s leading companies in the development of plasma-derived medicines and other innovative biotechnological solutions for healthcare.

Barcelona International Hospitals (BIH)

Thanks to the existence of several internationally renowned hospitals in the city of Barcelona itself, which have developed an international programme, the most advanced treatments in all medical specialties can now be concentrated in one location.

Most of these internationally renowned hospitals, which have developed advanced technologies, are grouped together in Barcelona International Hospitals (BIH). This association is made up of the 7 most specialised hospitals in Barcelona, characterised by the use of cutting-edge technologies and internationally renowned specialists.

barnaclínic+. Hospital Clínic Group

Global medical centre with more than a century of practice, dedicated to treating all types of pathologies, especially those of high complexity.

It is considered one of the best hospitals in the world, according to the latest World’s Best Hospitals, produced for the fourth year by Newsweek magazine. According to this ranking, Hospital Clínic has managed to place in the top 100 out of a total of 250 hospitals worldwide, being the first Spanish centre in the list with the position number 63.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital

One of the oldest paediatric hospitals in Europe, built in 1867. Today, it is one of the leading university hospitals in Europe for childhood and adolescence, as well as for maternity and foetal medicine.

The quality of its medical team is reflected in the mention of 9 of them in Stanford University’s ranking of the world’s Top 2% scientists.

Puigvert Foundation

A healthcare entity founded in 1961 and specialising in Urology, Nephrology, Andrology and Reproductive Medicine.

Since 2022 it has a new Advanced Dialysis Unit. More than 1,500 m² equipped with the latest technology with the aim of guaranteeing comprehensive care to improve the patient’s quality of life and to establish predictive models for the evolution of kidney disease.

Guttmann Institute. Neurorehabilitation Hospital

This institution has been at the forefront of neurorehabilitation and brain health for more than half a century. Pioneers in their field, they stand out for creating initiatives such as the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI), focused on brain health, and the online cognitive telerehabilitation platform Guttmann NeuroPersonalTrainer®.

Teknon Medical Center

Teknon Medical Centre It is the first private hospital in Spain to obtain, 20 years ago, the most prestigious accreditation in the world in terms of patient safety, the Joint Commission International. In 2019 it renewed this seal of quality for the sixth consecutive time.

In addition, in 2019, Teknon Medical Centre was awarded by the International Medical Travel Journey as the Best International Hospital in the world, according to the International Medical Travel Journey. And this year, it is part of the specific ranking of the best centres by country of the World’s Best Hospitals 2022, occupying 19th place in the list of Spain.

Dexeus University Hospital

It is one of the largest private hospitals in Europe and a benchmark in the specialities of gynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine.
It has a team of more than 450 medical professionals and has now established itself as a hospital oriented to the training of postgraduates and MIR candidates.
In June 2021 it obtained the Joint Commission International quality seal. And in 2002, it became the first private hospital to obtain the ‘Baby-Friendly Hospital’ accreditation, a Spanish initiative promoted by UNICEF, dedicated to supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding.

Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital

It has been designed to provide maximum comfort for patients and their families. For this reason, it has 165 single rooms, including 4 Royal Suites and 39 Suites. It occupies more than 56,000 m² and has the most advanced technological equipment for diagnosis, treatment and telemedicine. In March 2022 it was awarded the Joint Commission International quality seal.

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